Scarlett and Bono were a guest on the The Ellen Degeneres Show today (December 14th) to talk Sing 2, Scarlett talked about her kids and what they are upto, Rose is bossy right now and into her own world and Cosmo has found out he has feet (o to be a baby again) and the two played a game of Random Question Generator. The bad news is that I can not find the episode to make caps from it but the good news is that the show will air in the UK on Friday as we have 3 days behind the US and I can rip it then so please come back on friday for the screen caps from the interview and maybe full video but in the meantime I have added MQ stills from the interview to the gallery and 2 clips below to watch.

Edit: The episode was on UK tv today and I have managed to rip a copy of the interview from the ITV website to make screen captures for the site, Only down side is there the video on the website is not in 1080p so the caps are not the best they could be.

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