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elcome to Scarlett Johansson Fan , your online resource dedicated to the two time Oscar Nominated actress Scarlett Johansson. You may know Scarlett from her Oscar nominated roles in Jojo Rabbit, Marriage Story and her 11 years as Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and her own movie Black Widow. It is our aim to bring you all the latest news, photos, information and much more on Scarlett's career. We hope you enjoy your stay, and make sure to return!

Spotlight on The Outset
The Outset is a minimalist skincare brand that provides exceptional products for everyone, doing away with unnecessary ingredients and harmful stereotypes. With an approach to skincare that is mindful and minimalist, Scarlett says she wants The Outset to be "universal, approachable, and as reliable as your favorite white tee — a classic staple"
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Scarlett’s other movie from last year Sing 2 came out on Blu-ray/DVD a little bit ago and today was able to get my hands on a copy of all the extra’s on the Blu-Ray. Bad news is Scarlett is not in a lot of them or she is in for seconds but the ones she was in are Singing, Anatomy of a Scene The Bus Sequence, From Scratch to Voice and Outtakes. All are up in the gallery now in 1080P so please enjoy them and I will see about getting the videos on here.

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Scarlett was a guest in studio of The Today Show on April 27th to to promote her skin care line The Outset coming at last to Sephora shops. She talked all about making The Outset, what they did to test it for all peoples skin. Her time in lockdown and her new baby. After that Scarlett when outside and did the weather forecast for the show.

I have added in the full interview and weather sediment for you all to watch below and and have added in the screen caps to the gallery as well!

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Scarlett made a surprise appearance last night (December 05th) at the 44th Kennedy Center Honors at The Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. Scarlett was there for Colin and SNL to support it’s creator Lorne Michaels who was honored for his contributions to the performing arts at the event. Scarlett did do a speech at the event but no videos have come out yet. She was in a plunging gold sequined halter dress and just looks amazing in it. At this time we only have 16 HQ photos from the event and it looks like no more photos will be coming out but I will keep a eye out.

Scarlett made her first “Event” of 2022 planting trees in New York for One Tree Planted with The Outset. For one dollar they plant one tree and Scarlett took the day out to help out. You can find out more Here

Well And Good – It’s 10 a.m. on a sunny Monday morning in early April, and I’m standing in New York City’s Highbridge Park shoveling dirt onto a freshly planted baby tree. A hundred yards away, Scarlett Johansson is wearing a Yankees cap and simple cargo pants, and she’s up to her elbows in mulch. In honor of Earth Month, her new skin-care brand, the Outset, partnered with One Tree Planted, a nonprofit dedicated to global reforestation efforts, and she—along with her co-founder Kate Foster—were spending this particular morning getting their hands dirty to contribute to cause: planting 25,000 trees.

The brand, which launched last month, prides itself on being a beauty brand that centers sustainability and minimalist values. This ethos is exemplified in everything from its packaging (which is made from recyclable glass and post-consumer recycled plastic) and its supply chain (the brand’s factories are 100 percent wind-powered and carbon neutral) to its partnerships (in addition to One Tree Planted, the brand also works with Dress For Success and 1% For the Planet).

The Outset is that inherently optimistic idea that every day is a chance for a fresh start. With our philanthropic efforts, the idea is to support new beginnings for people and the planet.” —Kate Foster, co-founder

“The Outset is that inherently optimistic idea that every day is a chance for a fresh beginning and a new start,” says Foster. “And so with our philanthropic efforts, the idea is to support new beginnings for people and the planet. That’s why we partnered with One Tree Planted for all of Earth Month. Our philosophy is that we’re a consistent, everyday brand, and that’s how we’re showing up with our philanthropic efforts, as well—in these kinds of consistent everyday ways that we can support the causes that are meaningful to us and to our customers.”

With that in mind, “simplicity” is the driving force behind everything that the Outset does. The brand’s product line includes what people need for a well-rounded routine and nothing else: a cleanser, a serum, a moisturizer, and an eye cream. This is in part to ensure their products are accessible to a wide range of complexions, but it’s also a means to help consumers minimize the amount of waste they’re creating with their skin care.

“We wanted to have as little environmental impact as possible,” says Johansson. “There’s a lot of stuff out there, and I think it would be irresponsible of us not to take that into consideration. That kind of mindfulness is a big part of our brand DNA.”

During the month of April, the brand is donating 10 percent of its sales up to $25,000 to One Tree Planted to support wildfire restoration efforts in California. For every dollar donated, there will be one tree planted, adding up to a total of 25,000 trees. And on the other side of the country in NYC, in addition to the individual trees that Johansson, Foster, and their team (and I!) planted, the brand also donated $17,000 to fund urban planting organized by the nonprofit New York Restoration Project. Considering trees in NYC remove 2,000 tons of pollution and sequester 42,300 tons of carbon, these small steps can make a big difference.

Regarding bigger impact potential, Foster and Johansson hope the Outset’s initiatives will inspire the rest of the beauty industry to take note. “I think if you show people that they can use products that are clean and also effective, and that are good for you and have less impact, that’s important,” says Johansson. “The industry is so consumer-driven, so in being proactive and [showing them those products exist], large companies will be forced to follow suit. It’s our goal to be a part of that story.”

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Scarlett has made her first talk show of the year on one of her very close friends show The Drew Barrymore Show on last Wednesday (March 16th) to promote her new skin care line The Outset. They had a talk the times they have been together like Christmas day, shopping and the movie they did together, about Colin, the Saturday night live news report and would teenager Scarlett date teenager Colin and the answer was no. The Outset and how it was made and what she wants from it, and played a game of five things and was asked if she could cry on the spot and yes she can. It was great to see the two talking and just having fun with it.

I have got hold of the full interview and put it into 3 parts and have added them for you all to watch below and and have added in the screen caps to the gallery as well!

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In this edition of Life in Looks, Scarlett Johansson walks Vogue through her personal style over the years.

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ABOUT THE BRAND: Inspired by Scarlett’s personal approach to beauty, The Outset was created to simplify our routines and help produce a consistent ritual to give our best, brightest, and most camera-ready skin.
Tap to learn more and stay tuned for breakdowns of each one of our clean, vegan, cruelty-free, sustainably minded daily essentials.

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Today is the day people that Scarlett’s new skin care company The Outset has official launched yay. It’s been a busy day of promo from the site and Scarlett with lot’s of new articles, photoshoots and some videos coming out. Now the big news that all us fan’s want to no is can we get our hands on the skin care line and the answer to that is yes if you are in the US and no if you are outside of the US, It’s very disappointing for a lot but it’s a small company so I hope in time that will come. You can watch all the videos that have come out today below and all the photos are in the gallery now.

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WWD – The two-time Oscar-nominated actress talks about her new clean beauty line that’s been five years in the making.

Scarlett Johansson is the latest celebrity embarking on a venture in the beauty industry. The two-time Oscar-nominated actress revealed on Tuesday her clean skin care line, called The Outset, which is launching with five products meant to reflect Johansson’s own minimal skin care routine. For the venture, Johansson teamed with Kate Foster Lengyel, a beauty industry veteran who has worked in the beauty divisions of Victoria’s Secret and Juicy Couture.

“I entered this industry blindly in a way,” Johansson explained alongside Foster Lengyel at The Outset’s Flatiron office. “It’s very different from what I do in my other job, but I had worked for a long time as an ambassador for other beauty brands and I think as I got older in my late 20s, there was a turning point where I just felt like I was done representing other people’s ideal beauty standards and I felt like I had enough confidence to start something on my own that felt true to me.”

Johansson spent the last five years going down different avenues for the brand, working with various formulators and beauty executives until she met Foster Lengyel through mutual friends right before the pandemic hit. The two spent their time during quarantine brainstorming and figuring out their attack plan and were able to fast track their idea.

The Outset is launching with five clean skin care products: the Gentle Micellar Antioxidant Cleanser, the Firming Vegan Collagen Prep Serum, the Nourishing Squalene Daily Moisturizer, the Restorative Niacinamide Night Cream and the Smoothing Vitamin C Eye + Expression Lines Cream. Products range from $32 to $54 and will be available on The Outset’s website before entering Sephora in April.

“We call it the classic white T of skin care,” said Foster Lengyel, who is the brand’s cofounder and chief executive officer. “It’s a universal staple in your wardrobe. It pairs with everything else and I think we understand from our conversations with consumers that they like to use a variety of brands, and so we wanted to create a brand that would play well with others.”

The Outset uses a signature Hyaluroset complex, a botanical alternative to hyaluronic acid, in all of its products to deliver lasting hydration, plumping and smoothing. The brand excluded 2,700 harmful ingredients from its products and looked to only clean ingredients.

“I was looking at all avenues,” Johansson said when asked why she chose skin care rather than another beauty category. “Like, I love color, fragrance and skin care. This is going to sound kind of esoteric, but I really meditated on it a lot and spent a lot of time thinking about it. I kept coming back to the idea of skin care because I had problem skin for a very long time that I felt self-conscious about. [Skin care] was just very much the base of the rest of my beauty routine and if I wasn’t feeling good about my skin, no amount of hair or makeup or glamour would make that feeling go away.”

The Outset centers on a three-step Daily Essential Regimen with its cleanser, prep serum and daily moisturizer, which mimics Johansson’s own daily routine. Johansson and Foster Lengyel felt it was important to offer basic daily essentials that would elevate and fit in with a customer’s daily habits.

Johansson’s skin care brand comes at a time of increasing activity in the celebrity beauty industry where many major celebrities have come out with their own brand over the last two years. This includes the launches of Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty, Jennifer Lopez’s JLo Beauty, Jennifer Aniston’s LolaVie and Ariana Grande’s R.E.M. Beauty, among others.

For Johansson, she sees her skin care brand as unique to what’s on the market because it came out of her own necessity and offers a simpler solution for daily skin care.

“I can just speak for The Outset, which is it was such a labor of love,” she explained. “[The beauty industry] is a very crowded space, but in that space I felt like there was an opportunity to almost reduce the noise and make something that felt like it was an easy choice for people to understand and there was a transparency to it.

Unlike many other celebrities and their brands, Johansson opted to not use her name and didn’t have any intention of doing so from the get-go.

“I never thought about using my name,” she explained. “I wanted this line to stand on its own and I didn’t want it to feel like there was any sort of pre-existing idea of what it was going to be. That people could approach the line and take away what they will from it without my presence being there.”

The Outset was coined by Foster Lengyel after the two cofounders decided they wanted the brand’s name to reflect new beginnings.

The skin care brand is also rooted in sustainability. The Daily Essential Regimen products are all refillable. The brand aims to offer more refillable products as it continues to release new launches.

Johansson and Foster Lengyel explained that The Outset has a few more facial skin care products slated for release later this year and that they have their sights set on body care as their next category expansion.

“We have a lot of dreams for where we see our company going,” Johansson concluded. “I think it’s about getting this out there and then seeing how people use it, how they respond and opening up the dialogue and inviting a community of people to be a part of it. It’s very exciting to finally be sharing the brand with other people. It’s been such an inside operation for so long.”

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Scarlett is being honoured by Dress for Success – your hour, her power 2022 campaign as one of 27 woman this year. Dress for Success is a global nonprofit organization that empowers women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help them thrive in work and in life and has been around since 1997 honouring and helping all woman. You can view the website Here and find out about all the work they do, and all the other woman who are being honoured this year.

Dress for Success’ annual Your Hour, Her Power® campaign kicks off March 1 in celebration of Women’s History month and International Women’s Day. This year, Dress for Success is excited to bring back “31 Days of Women in Power” for a second year to inspire hope and resilience among women by honoring groundbreaking women in leadership positions across various industries.

For March 8, we honor Scarlett Johansson, Founder and Chair of The Outset, a new clean beauty brand focused on simplicity via consciously clean ingredients and mindfully designed products. Scarlett is a Tony and BAFTA winner and two-time Academy Award nominee, and the highest grossing female actor of all time. She was most recently seen in the final installment of the Avengers film series, Avengers: Endgame, and reprised her role as “Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow” in the highly anticipated stand-alone film Black Widow. She earned Academy Award nominations for her work in Marriage Story, directed by Noah Baumbach, and in Taika Waititi’s JoJo Rabbit.

Other recent roles include Sing and Sing 2, Avengers: Infinity War, Lucy, Under the Skin, Ghost in the Shell, Isle of Dogs and Her, which earned her a Best Actress Award at the Rome Film Festival. A champion for giving back, Johansson has served as Global Ambassador for Oxfam and RED, and has actively supported philanthropic organizations including USA Harvest, Feeding America, AmfAR, Meals on Wheels, Solar Responders, Soles4Souls, and Planned Parenthood.

Scarlett discussed the reason she joined Dress for Success’ Your Hour, Her Power campaign, “When women own their power, they can show up in the world in ways that contribute to society and the global economy. Every day is a new opportunity to reclaim your power, to begin again and make your mark on the world. Dress for Success makes this possible.”

By giving the equivalent of just one hour of your pay, you not only give a Dress for Success woman access to programs, services, and tools that will help her achieve economic advancement, but you also join us in celebrating female leaders for the pivotal role they play in driving business and economic gains, and social and cultural change.

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We have a date for the official launch of The Outset and it will be March 01st who is excited to get there hands on some or all of the products I know I am. The social media promotion is now fully in go mode and we are getting the first lot of photos, videos and info in now. with there Instagram added in a ton of new behind-the-scenes photos of Scarlett, and one new photoshoot photo of her from the campaign and there website adding the video little Commercial. I would expect more updates to come each day in the lead up to the opening. But for now you can view all the photos in the gallery and watch the video below.

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After months of teasing of the upcoming Skincare line, as of yesterday it has officially launched on social media and we have the name The Outset. The website that you can view Here is now live but at this time only set up for the front page and you subscribing for updates, The Instagram has a little more with three photos on it and one of them is of Scarlett from the upcoming campaign and you can view it Here. The Facebook has the most information on it with the actual products and prices on them and it’s not the cheapest line but it is middle of the road. Some of the items are Botanical Lip Rescue Treatment for $28.00, Restorative Niacinamide Night Cream for $54.00. Smoothing Vitamin C Eye + Expression Lines Cream for $42.00 and Firming Vegan Collagen Prep Serum for $46.00 and you can view it Here. In the coming week’s we should get more info on the campaign, were you can pick the items up and other news on this.

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