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elcome to Scarlett Johansson Fan , your online resource dedicated to the two time Oscar Nominated actress Scarlett Johansson. You may know Scarlett from her Oscar nominated roles in Jojo Rabbit, Marriage Story and her 11 years as Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and her own movie Black Widow. It is our aim to bring you all the latest news, photos, information and much more on Scarlett's career. We hope you enjoy your stay, and make sure to return!

Spotlight on The Outset
The Outset is a minimalist skincare brand that provides exceptional products for everyone, doing away with unnecessary ingredients and harmful stereotypes. With an approach to skincare that is mindful and minimalist, Scarlett says she wants The Outset to be "universal, approachable, and as reliable as your favorite white tee — a classic staple"
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As you all should have seen over the last week, Scarlett Johansson Fan has a new look up on both the main site and the gallery using Scarlett’s The OutSet photoshoots. To go with the look of The Outset I wanted the site to have a clean and fresh look about it and I think Design Demure (They did my florence one as well) did a absolutely amazing job on it. I will be doing some major updates on the site in the coming weeks so keep looking for that.

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First I would love to say a big Happy New Year to everyone on Scarlett Johansson Fan, I no last year was a lot of bad well till near the end, but here is to a better one that is filled with new Scarlett content as she will have a movie, tv show and skin care line coming out this year so lot’s to come from her.

On with the update, I have been working all day on the video part of the site adding in all the press interviews from black widow, events she was at and sing 2 with over 6 pages now, all her talk shows from this year, and in the movies part Black Widow had a big update with all the promo videos and some clips being added in and Sing 2 now has a page for it. I will be working on added in more videos very soon from the past years and movies so keep looking back for them

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Not a Scarlett update but its in the Marvel/Black Widow family but I have just opened my new site on Nat’s little sister Florence Pugh. Let’s face it after Black Widow and all the promo the girls did how could I not fall in love with her and want a sister site to this one. There is still a lot of work to do on it but I would love if you could all check it out! Spider sisters forever.


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Hey all Abby here, So I just want to share some of the work I have been doing behind the scenes on the site with you all and there has been a lot of work. First and the biggest job that I have been working on for the last 5 months is now done and that is the past updates, When we lost the old site URl of Scarlett-fan back in 2017 time all the old updates when down with dead links so only the text was still there to see. And over as I said the last 5 months I have been working back and redoing all the old posts with the new links and making all the old updates look like the new ones and as of 5 minuets ago I at last got to page 151 and was done, The updates do only go back to 2006 when the site moved over to wordpress but if you would all like to go back and look now you can and its all there.

Next job I have begun is Scarlett’s projects page, The last time it has a update was 2017 time and after that it was left, I had a look a bit ago and saw all the link were down and nothing was working so I have been working on that when I could find the time and I have rebuilt the movie page and have at this time done her projects Sing 2, Black Widow and Jojo Rabbit page. The rest will be coming when I find the time here and there but I will be working down so you will tell when a new one is done and ready to view. And as well I will be working on redoing her music page at some point and that will have a complete overhaul at some point this year same with her info page that is now all out of date I will be redoing all that and making it look all new again at some point this year.

The media page is still not working at the time of me posting this, I have a ton of icons and the like I have done my self that I will be adding into the site when I get time to re work the page and make it something cool for people to want to use again. But the one bit of media I have been working on is the new video page I added in some months ago, more and more new videos get added in all the time to that and I am working on finding some older ones to go in it and I think I’m getting a cool mix to add in there so please check back each week as new videos will be added all the time. Same with the new press page I have now 5 press interviews up not a lot I no but finding her old interviews is hard as all the old links are more of the time dead but I will add what I can when I find it.

So that should be about all that I am working on at this time, Black Widow press should be starting up very very soon so Scarlett and the site are going to get very very bust and I’m very much looking forward to it.

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As you can all see we have a new layout up on Scarlett Johansson Fan on both the main and gallery and was done for when Black Widow promo would have been out this month but now we no that will be in late June time, but I love the look and we at last be working on doing all her projects in the coming weeks.

I would like to say thanks to Cherry Gem Design for doing this just beautiful look on both the main site and the gallery using Scarlett’s Black Widow promos/movie stills.

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Hey all as some may no I have been doing a lot of work on the site in the background, starting with updating all the post’s on here so the links are not dead etc and I’m up to now the start of 2010 so getting on with all that but today I took some time out to add some new pages to the site. I have seen a lot of sites getting this so I got the plug and have been setting them all up today. So welcome to the site the Video Vault & the Press Archive both are only about 3% done right now but I will be adding more videos and interviews in over the coming months and I get a amazing 12 days of at xmas time till new year so I will be doing a lot of work on them then. For now I will keep on with updating the past updates, redoing the info page with a new bio that was done for the site and adding in a style page, gutting and redoing the full Projects page, redoing the website, www & media page and adding in more gallery updates. So lots will be going on with the site you may not right away see but I am getting it there.

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Not a Scarlett update but I have just opened my new site on the amazing Katherine McNamara so little bit of promo work on here and I would love it if you are a fan of Kat’s going a taking a look :).


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As you all should have seen over the last week we now have a new look up here on Scarlett Johansson Fan on both the main and gallery using her The Hollywood Reporter photoshoot, made by the amazing Gratrix Designs for us. I no the main site has not had a update in a bit of time but I have been added into the gallery so I will now be catching up the all the updates.

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As of today Scarlett Fan has it’s own Instagram account yay. I no more people have twitter for there sites but with my real life and 3 other sites I don’t have the time to run on so next best thing is Instagram. It’s still very new and not a lot is on there but I will do my best to keep it fun and have more up to date Scarlett info as I can post when it happens and not have to come home on my computer and you can message me better on there as well. If you would like to follow us its sjohansson_._org and if you want to as well you can follow me I only post my photos I take on it ayabahl.

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Hey all just a little update to say I will be going away tomorrow till Monday night for a con, so no updates on the site till I get back as I will not have my computer or laptop with me in this time

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Scarlett and her long time stunt double of 10 years Heidi Moneymaker are two of the people featured in the new article by the Hollywood Reporter to shine the light on the people who make the main actors look good in the big and small screen.

The Hollywood Reporter – When Johansson gets punched in the face, Heidi Moneymaker takes the hit. When Elizabeth Olsen crashes through a window, it’s C.C. Ice who ends up with scratches. Hollywood’s most unsung behind-the-scenes heroes star in a Hollywood Reporter photo portfolio.

When Scarlett Johansson was first cast in 2009 as ballet dancer turned fistfighting superspy Black Widow in Marvel’s Iron Man 2, she wasn’t exactly prepared for the part. “I’d never stepped foot in a gym,” she confesses. “I had no experience with any sort of martial arts or anything like that.”

She turned out to be a quick learner, especially after being paired with stuntwoman Heidi Moneymaker, who’s been training with and doubling for the actress in Marvel movies ever since. So far she’s had appearances in six of Johansson’s films, with a soon-to-be-seventh gig in the Avengers sequel being directed by the Russo brothers. And there could be an eighth: a stand-alone Black Widow movie is reportedly in development. “[Heidi and I] got to create this side of the character and expand on it over this past decade,” says Johansson, 34. “I don’t know how many actors have the opportunity to play the same character over 10 years.”

A UCLA-trained gymnast, Moneymaker, 40, started her career with minor stunt work on such TV shows as Angel and The O.C., working her way up the food chain and into features (doubling for Drew Barrymore in Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle and for Michelle Rodriguez in 2009’s Fast and Furious). But she says no matter how big the job, she relies on her gymnastics discipline to help her get through the day in one piece. “The athlete mentality is definitely good to have,” she says. “I’ve had so many people come up to me and say, ‘I’m crazy, I’ll do anything! I could be a stuntman or a stuntwoman.’ Those are the kind of people that you don’t want around.”

Over her 15-year career, Moneymaker has learned that being a stuntwoman is in some ways even more hazardous than being a stuntman. “Wardrobe for women is tighter and skimpier,” she explains. “When you get slammed into walls or hit by a car, it’s harder to pad up. If a guy is wearing fatigues or something a little baggier, they have the opportunity to put more padding on.” Finding work is also more challenging since action films traditionally have fewer female onscreen roles. “It’s a lot of bros,” she says of stunt-heavy sets. “Sometimes I just want to be around women. I’ll go somewhere and there’s women there, and I’ll be like, ‘Oh, thank God!'”

Recently, as the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to expand, Moneymaker’s and Johansson’s work has had to accommodate an increasingly crowded screen. “As the films grew larger in scale, it became less hands-on for most of the actors,” says Johansson, noting that shooting is now an intricate ballet of scheduling. “We have three to four units going at the same time.”

For the actress, the trick to working with her longtime stuntwoman is simple: “I tell myself, ‘Do whatever Heidi does. Just listen to whatever she says and she’ll keep me safe.'”

– Stidio Photoshoots > Photoshoots From 2018 > Set 004
– Stidio Photoshoots > Behind The Scenes > The Hollywood Reporter – December 2018

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Not a update on Scarlett as there is not a lot out there at this time but on my new site, After months of working on this I have at last opened my new site on Caity Lotz so if you like Legends Of Tomorrow or DCTV world then you can all check out at Caity-Lotz.org and I hope you see you all there.

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