On April 21st, Scarlett made a stop to speaks for her long time friends Jon Favreau panel at the Tribeca Talks: Jon Favreau with Scarlett Johansson during 2017 Tribeca Film Festival at SVA Theatre New York. They both talking about working in the movie work, The disappointing Box Office for Ghost In The Shell and lot’s of other things. Photos from the event are now up in the gallery,

In the span of about sixty seconds, Scarlett Johansson went from calling Jon Favreau the “prince of film,” to reminding him that Cowboys vs. Aliens, the sci-fi fantasy he directed in 2011, was a flop.

Let’s back up for a moment.

On Friday night, the actress hosted a director’s talk with Favreau for the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. The duo have collaborated on multiple projects together, including Chef and The Jungle Book, and their conversation was warm and easy, spanning the length of Favreau’s busy career. Part of the conversation, naturally, led to Favreau’s current project, a live-action adaptation of The Lion King (and no, they didn’t touch those Beyoncé rumors). The director just came off another high profile adaption, the dazzling Jungle Book, which earned nearly $1 billion at the box office. When it comes to adapting such beloved properties, Favreau tends to look inward first, putting emphasis on the scenes that he thinks are iconic in the original film.

“You’re hitting something even deeper than the movie . . . what I try to do is honor what was there,” he says. He compares it to seeing a beloved Broadway show, or going to see an artist in concert. Prince’s 2007 Super Bowl performance, for example, was a masterclass in giving the people what they want—then making it even better. “It’s about the audience having experiences they’re hoping to have,” Favreau says. “And if you can surprise them along the way, they’ll enjoy it even more.”

“Oh my god, you’re the prince of film,” Johansson remarked. “I’m so excited for The Lion King.”

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Credit: Vanityfair

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