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September 22, 2016  2 comments Articles & Interview

Your time is up, Mr Trump. The Avengers are now on your case.

Director Joss Whedon rather sensationally returned to Twitter yesterday after 19 months away from social media, with a blazing attack on Donald Trump.

Bringing together a whole raft of famous people – including Scarlett and two of her Avenger co-stars – he has appealed for US voters, and those who are currently unregistered, to make sure that Donald Trump does not make it into the highest office in the world.

He also promises that Mark Ruffalo will appear fully nude in his next movie if everyone clubs together to keep Trump away from the presidency.

So there’s that too.

Whedon told Buzzfeed:

“It’s about targeting people who either aren’t going to vote or have been anaesthetised out of voting – fighting the sort of apathy and cynicism that says, ‘It doesn’t matter if I vote’.

“[It] matters more than any single thing you’re going to do in the next two years. It’s the exact definition of democracy. It is a heroic and necessary act.”

As for plumbing his contacts for people to appear in the video, he added: “There is almost nobody that I wouldn’t approach to say, ‘If you can pitch in, do it now’.

“It was pretty much the same spiel to everybody: ‘Doing a voting PSA to help get out the vote and stop orange Muppet Hitler’.

“At least one person was like, ‘I didn’t expect this to be quite so partisan. I don’t want to alienate half my fan base.’ But nobody backed out. In general, everyone was very comfortable with what we were doing.”

You can check out the campaign over at SaveTheDay.vote

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