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Welcome to Scarlett Johansson Fan, your online resource dedicated to the two time Oscar Nominated actress Scarlett Johansson. You may know Scarlett from her Oscar nominated roles in "JoJo Rabbit", "Marriage Story" and her 10 years as Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow in the "Marvel Cinematic Universe" and her own movie coming out in May "Black Widow". It is our aim to bring you all the latest news, photos, information and much more on Scarlett's career. We hope you enjoy your stay!
August 02, 2020  Abby Comments are off Gallery Updates

I have a massive exclusive for you all today. Back in 1995 Scarlett was cast as Jenna Halliwell in the TV pilot for the new show The Client that was the spinoff of the movie of the same name that came out in 1994 staring Susan Sarandon & Tommy Lee Jones. For the TV show JoBeth Williams took over for Susan as Reggie Love and the show had one season but from what I can tell it did well. For the last 3 years I have been looking all over the internet for a copy of the episode and unfortunately the show has never had a DVD release so no copys of the show are about online making it dame near impossible to find but after a lot of looking I at last found a way to get a copy of it and at this time we are the only Scarlett site that has it. So I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

You can view all the video clips to episode on the sites Instagram Here
just look down a bit to July 05th.

August 02, 2020  Abby Comments are off Gallery Updates, Marriage Story

I have added in to the gallery about 20 brand new Movie stills and Behind The Scenes/On Set photos from Scarlett’s 2019 movie Marriage Story. I hope you all enjoy them!

August 02, 2020  Abby Comments are off Gallery Updates

19 years ago this month this site was born thanks to the amazing Maria who put in all the hard work to start this all. Over the years this site has seen a lot of people come and go each adding there own feel to the site Camilla, Jess, Riikka, Lisa, Holly, Mel & Aniek thank you all for your hard work as well. I took over as co-web in 2014 and then later that year as the full owner of the site back when we were scarlett-fan.com and later after I lost the name with our old host going down to s-johansson.org. It’s been a absolute pleasure running this site and being with Scarlett for all her up’s and down’s over the years and I hope we are here for 19 more years.

You may have seen that I have not been doing a lot of main site updates and it’s true I have not been posting new ones but I have been working hard on the updates in the past. As I said we lost the old URL back years ago and with it all the old post’s when down with dead links so over the last month I have been going over them all and putting new URL’s in and just updating them so people can see them again, As of right now I am up to 2013. On top of this I fixed the links in the menu to be working again and will be redoing all the old info in there over the coming weeks as well when I am done with the past updates.

I would like to say thanks to Cherry Gem Design for doing this just beautiful look on both the main site and the gallery using Scarlett’s 2020 Entertainment Weekly Black Widow shoot.

And last I would like to say a BIG thank you to all of you who have been with this site be it from day 1 or just found us yesterday, You all make it so I can keep doing this site and I love you all for that.

August 02, 2020  Abby Comments are off Gallery Updates

Back in March scarlett did the photoshoot for Parade Magazine – April 2020 cover to at the time to promote Black Widow. We got a new interview and photoshoot at this time only three outtakes have come out and just the magazine cover but I am still looking for the rest of the scans.

Parade Magazine – Not far from her home in New York City, on a sunny day in early March, Scarlett Johansson pops in for her Parade photo shoot after dropping off her 5-year-old daughter, Rose, at school. (This interview and photo shoot occurred before the coronavirus quarantine.) A little later, she’ll pick up Rose and return to the uptown apartment she also shares with her fiancé, Saturday Night Live co-head writer and “Weekend Update” co-anchor Colin Jost.

Oh, it’s pretty much just a typical weekday (when such days were possible just six weeks or so ago), though “typical” is a relative term when you’re an acclaimed, world-renowned actress, and your new movie, Black Widow, is shaping up to be a fall smash.

Indeed, with all due respect to one of her baseball heroes—Hall of Fame-bound superstar Derek Jeter of her beloved New York Yankees—Johansson is the one delivering big hits these days. At 35, the former child star is the top female box-office draw in the world, having brought in more than $14 billion in global ticket sales. She’s proven herself a master at comedy (Sing), action (Lucy) and awards-bait drama (her impressive Oscar-nominated 2019 twofer of Marriage Story and Jojo Rabbit). And she’s done it while winning legions of fans as the Russian-KGB-assassin-turned-crime-fighting-Avenger Black Widow in seven Marvel movies. With Black Widow, she finally gets to star in her own.

August 02, 2020  Abby Comments are off Gallery Updates

Join Oscar nominated filmmaker Noah Baumbach, and Oscar nominees Scarlett Johansson, Adam Driver and Laura Dern, as we take an intimate look at bringing the pages of Marriage Story to life.

August 02, 2020  Abby Comments are off Events, Gallery Updates

Back in May the 2020 Teen Choice Awards took place virtually this year and Avengers:Endgame was up for movie of the year and won the award. As thanks to the show we got a funny as hell video with all the original 6 Avengers being there crazy self’s. You can watch the video below.

July 05, 2020  Abby Comments are off Videos

Zoe Bell got a ton of her friends together to play a game of who can kick the shit out of each other without being in the same room. As Zoe and Scarlett’s long term stunt double Heidi Moneymaker and great friends she got Scarlett to make a appearance in the video and its a funny as hell.

July 05, 2020  Abby Comments are off Avengers: End Game, Gallery Updates

At long long LONG last the Alternative vormir Death scene is available to be seen thanks to Disney+ that launched in March in the UK with a ton of new deleted scenes from Avengers: Endgame why they could not have just not added them to the Blu-Ray I don’t no but I was able to get Screen Captures from it before it stop you doing that. This version is far more a fight for Nat and Clint and less emotions but for me I love this one far more then what we got in the movie and it was just a better ending to Nat for me. They are not full HQ Screen Captures but they are not bad and are now up in the gallery. Now when will all the other bits we have seen clips of but not in full come out?.

July 05, 2020  Abby Comments are off 'The Avengers 2', Avengers: Infinity War, Gallery Updates

Marvel released a special edition box set of all 23 movies called Infinity Saga Box Set last year in the US and it will come out November 2, 2020 in the UK costing £399.99. With all the movies comes a 1 hour long disk containing new deleted scenes from the movies that had not been seen untill now. As the US got it last year I have after some time looking got my hands on the download for the disk and Scarlett appears in two of the deleted scenes. The first in Avengers: Age Of Ultron in a Alternate Ending and you can see just how pregnant she was when filming the movie and the other for Avengers: Infinity War when she finds the hulk. I do wish they had kept in the hulk one as it made for more sense for the next movie. Full 1080p Blu-Ray Screen Captures from both are now up in the gallery.

July 05, 2020  Abby Comments are off Articles & Interview, Gallery Updates

Total Film – One of the virtues of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been its adaptability. The franchise’s superhero movies have frequently been moulded to surprising genre choices, like paranoid thriller (Captain America: The Winter Soldier), heist movie (Ant-Man), high-school comedy (Spider-Man: Homecoming) and psychedelic space fantasy (Thor: Ragnarok).

Black Widow – which recently had its original intended release date postponed because of the impacts of the coronavirus – once again uses another unexpected format. “One of the themes of the film is family,” says star Scarlett Johansson in the upcoming issue of our sister publication Total Film magazine. “What is family? How does it define us? How does our past define us? How does our family – however we define it – make up who we are, for better or worse?”

Natasha, the Avengers’ rogue operative, will find herself in a very unexpected assignment… a family drama. “I think part of Kevin Feige’s genius is that he always thinks about what fans expect out of these films and then gives them something that they never could’ve dreamed of,” adds Johansson. “The idea of Natasha Romanoff in a family drama is the least expected thing, and I had to wrap my head around what that was going to be because there’s such a big tonal shift.”

To read the rest click on the link!


July 05, 2020  Abby Comments are off Gallery Updates

I was able to find a download from the 92nd Annual Academy Awards that took place on February 08th, Scarlett was front row but of to the left so you did not get to see her much other then when she was up for the awards or congratulating someone. These are not the best quality but still nice to see.


July 05, 2020  Abby Comments are off Gallery Updates

The first lot of movie stills for Scarlett’s upcoming movie Black Widow are now out and I have added them all into the galley for you all.