Grammy Awards (2007)

Wearing Monique LhuillierView Images

Clothes: Scarlett dazzled the 49th Annual Grammy Awards in an updated take on the ‘little black dress’ by Monique Lhuillier.
This form-fitting number framed Scarlett’s much gushed over figure with ease & elegance, but it was the above the knee length, details and gold accents in tow with Scarlett’s natural confidence & charisma which made this otherwise generic cocktail dress playful, sexy & appropriate for the Grammy Awards.

Picking up the gold accents of the dress, for accessories Scarlett donned a pair of lustful pigeon blue earrings & an over-sized black Onyx stone ring, finishing the outfit off with a pair of deep brown peep-toed heels.

Hair & Makeup:
In a new shade of blond & with the assistance of extensions, Scarlett’s hair was worn down in soft effortless looking curls falling gracefully below her shoulders giving that extra pinch of understated sexiness. Makeup also complimented this with smoldering, smokey eyes, soft lush blush accentuating Scarlett’s cheekbones & warm honey-rose coloured glossy lips.

Golden Globes (2006)

Wearing ValentinoView Images

Clothes: All eyes were on The lady in red, as Scarlett owned the red carpet in this Valentino number.
This sleek, figure-hugging dress supported and accentuated Scarletts voluptuous body creating a pin-up silhouette for the upper body and balancing it into seamless conservatism as the fabric draped the lower portion.

Showered in diamonds, Scarlett wore diamond earrings, bracelet and ring all courtesy of Chopard Jewels finished off with red Satin heels.

Hair & Makeup:
Makeup was kept soft with a light blush coloured palette with darker coloured dusty eyes to the more subdued coloured cheek bones and a glossy pink lip. The hair for the event was also envied by many, as Scarlett wore hers down in soft angelic curls, effortlessly swaying to the side, away from the face.

Cannes Film Festival (2005)

Wearing Imitation Of ChristView Images

Clothes: Pretty as a picture Scarlett looked in this ultra-feminine soft cream coloured Imitation Of Christ dress.
With a modest neckline, adorable ribbon around the waist and flirty above the knee skirt this dress captured and showcased Scarlett’s sweeter, flirty side.

Accessories were kept polished with diamond & ruby earrings and a diamond encrusted bracelet finished off with a beige clutch and beige & white bowed heels.

Hair & Makeup:
Hair was kept sleek and sweet swept back and makeup looked immaculate with soft pink hues sculpting Scarlett’s cheekbones, muted lush pink coloured her lips and dark coloured upper eyelids to balance out the face.

Cannes Film Festival (2005)

Wearing n/aView Images

Clothes: Scarlett mixed casual chic with sophistication at the Cannes Film Festival, wearing a casual butter yellow & orange top under a fitted black blazer with ultra-hip distressed & torn skinny jeans.

Gold studded earrings & a gold with amber ‘y’ necklace were the jewelery of choice for Scarlett, but the one accessory no-one could keep their eyes off were the pair of tomato red ultra-pointed toe heels.

Hair & Makeup:
Hair was away from the face in a half up-do with tresses of blond left down. Makeup was kept barely visible with a fresh face, soft coloured pink/peach lip.

Venice Film Festival (2004)

Wearing Alberta FerrettiView Images

Clothes: Venice took notice when Scarlett emerged in this soft orange Alberta Ferretti creation.
With a comfortable fit, deep ‘v’ neckline and gathering at the waist, Scarlett reeked of effortless chic and elegance in this full length free-flowing dress.

Decadence was certainly what she was aiming for when Scarlett showered her neck with a magnificent plunging diamond necklace. No other jewelery was worn or needed but she topped it off with a gold clutch purse and powder blue bowed heels.

Hair & Makeup:
With soft loose curls falling to the sides of her flawless face, Scarlett continued the effortless elegance with her hair-do & softly powdered cheekbones and matching coloured peachy/pink[?] lip and completed the look with a dark blue smokey eye.

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (2004)

Wearing n/aView Images

Clothes:Scarlett looked adorable at the 2004 premiere of SpongeBob SquarePants.
In a flirty 50s inspired look which consisted of a butter yellow, short sleeved sweater with a deep scoop neckline and was perfectly paired off with a fresh, feminine mid-calf white prairie skirt.

Staying true to the 50s look, Scarlett accessorised with white pearl necklace and earrings, a yellow handbag and matching yellow open-toed heels.

Hair & Makeup:
In flirty fun curls, Scarletts hair was casually brought back away from her face with loose curls left at the back. Makeup was kept clean with a fresh face and beautifully contrasted red coloured lips.

Golden Globes (2004)

Wearing Stella McCartneyView Images

Clothes: Scarlett commanded the 2004 Golden Globes red carpet in a nude coloured Stella McCartney dress.
With the perfect balance of free-flowing sweeping fabric & bustiere-esq constraint structure, the dress fit like a glove by slimming, supporting and accentuating Scarlett in all the right places.

Accessories were kept minimal with gold open-toed shoes, stunning diamond earrings and a single bracelet from DeBeers Wild Flower Collection which complimented and added elegance to the overall look.

Hair & Makeup:
Wearing a nude coloured dress, Scarlett wisely chose to go for a clean look with her hair in a up-do and a fresh pallet of makeup with soft hues on the face and beautiful plush pink coloured lips.

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