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Spotlight on The Outset
The Outset is a minimalist skincare brand that provides exceptional products for everyone, doing away with unnecessary ingredients and harmful stereotypes. With an approach to skincare that is mindful and minimalist, Scarlett says she wants The Outset to be "universal, approachable, and as reliable as your favorite white tee — a classic staple"
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CFDA Fashion Awards (2006)

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Scarlett took it up a notch with her ever evolving style at the CFDA Awards in this stunning dark ‘do. With long, sleek red tresses and soft layers around the face, this style worked sensationally with Scarlett’s face and natural straight hair.

You can rock it if:
You have an oval, round or diamond shaped face and thin to medium hair texture.

This look, as effortless and sleek it seems, it can take up to 30mins to complete. Only attempt if you are patient and are comfortable with working and reworking until perfection.

Style it, biatch:
1. Apply the gel spray from a reasonable distance away from your hair and to your roots. This will hold the style for longer maintaining it’s natural bounce without weighing your hair down.

2. Apply sculpture lotion to your hands and rub evenly throughout your hair. The lotion is great for natural messy hair, helping the sleek look while maintaining a strong hold for styling and volume when blow-drying.

3. Part your hair to either the left or right [depending where your natural parting falls] Do this by using the end of your comb and dragging the comb from your hairline to the back. Side partings are suitable on most faces as opposed to middle partings as very few people have completely asymmetrical faces.

4. Blow-dry the back of your hair from under by placing your brush under the back section of hair with the blow-dryer held above the hair. Start from the roots, once you reach near the end, curve your brush and dryer under, so the hair rolls inwards. [Repeat until dry]

5. Blow-dry the sides of your hair from under, repeat the same process as above, but pull the brush, hair and dryer forward around your face to create volume. [Continue until dry]

6. Blow-dry the left and right sides. Take the left and right sections of your hair [do one section at a time] from your temple, place the brush underneath that section starting from the roots and pull the hair forward and down with the blow-dryer above following the movement.

7. Blow-dry the crown of the hair with the brush under the hair and the blow-dryer in front of it. Be sure to blow-dry upwards from the roots and outwards towards the ends to create volume with a touch of softness.

8. Apply wax to your finger-tips pull your fingers through the back of your hair in a downwards motion. This helps give your hair a more chic and structured look instead of uneven and clumpy.

9. Apply more wax on your finger-tips, this time to style the left and the right sides. Apply the wax then grab the section of your hair and it down and forwards to create soft volume and texture to the ends. [Repeat on both sides]

10. Again, apply wax to your finger-tips and massage and rub the roots at the top of your hair. Please be sure to be thorough and lift strands of hair, this creates volume which frames the whole ‘do.

11. Last, get out the hair spray and spray a small [and I mean, small!] amount from a distance around the whole head.