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Spotlight on The Outset
The Outset is a minimalist skincare brand that provides exceptional products for everyone, doing away with unnecessary ingredients and harmful stereotypes. With an approach to skincare that is mindful and minimalist, Scarlett says she wants The Outset to be "universal, approachable, and as reliable as your favorite white tee — a classic staple"
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Scarlett’s Beauty Bag

Even though she says that she collects and loves make-up, Scarlett Johansson prefers to keep it as natural as possible when not working. On her average day out and about, Scarlett wears mascara (MAC), undereye concealer (Clinique Quick Corrector) and lipgloss (Trish McEvoy) and she loves to decorate her appearance with piecings, which she has quite a few of. On special occasions Scarlett sure enjoys dressing up and goes bold with bright red lipstick to leave a more dramatic impression.

Read on for further information on Scarlett’s favorite products and some quotes for tips from the glam queen herself!

Favorite products and brands

Bobbe Joy
Ojon Hair Care
Mark Cealer by Shu Uemura (blemishes)
Shiseido Benefiance (anti-aging range)
Clinique Quick Corrector (undereye concealer)
Vaseline Intensive Care
Get in Line by Beth Bender
DuWop Reverse Lip Liner
Face atelier

On make-up

• I have a ridiculous make-up collection. It’s totally our of control. Back in New York, I have a kindergarten classroom-sized table covered with cigar boxes full of make-up.

• I have a ton of make-up. It’s very embarrassing whenever I have any males over, because they go, ‘Holy s-! You have a lot of make-up!’ I don’t want them to think that it’s because I lacquer it on. I don’t. I just like buying make-up; I like to touch it and move it around with my fingers. I like to paint people.

• I’m an eyeshadow person. But I have massive amounts of everything. I have foundations that aren’t even my skin tone so I can match my friends’s coloring when they come over.

• I have an obsessive character. I manicure my nails at three in the morning because nobody else can do it the right way. Maybe that’s the secret to my success.

• My nails are normally really negletted, but when I’m on set, I tend to self-manicure.

On her everyday make-up

• I always wear mascara and undereye concealer. I’ve had very dark circles under my eyes since I was about 11, and I’ve always used Clinique Quick Corrector. With mascara, I like to change it up a bit. MAC just came out with a few different kinds that are quite enjoyable to play with. But I really, really like Trish McEvoy lip gloss. It makes your lips very soft, and it’s not like a sticky gloss.

• I’m a Q-tip and Vaseline kinda girl.

Lipgloss vs. lipstick

• Glossy lips are very sexy. I wear a lot of lip gloss. My lips are very full, so unless I’m wearing bright red lipstick and making a statement, I usually don’t wear lipstick. It’s kind of hard to pull off without looking like a giant pair of lips.

On beauty emergencies

• I have a concealer from Shu Uemura called Mark Cealer that is great for blemishes. It’s like a little swab, but the great thing about it is that it has witch hazel in it. If you have a blemish, you can conceal it, but it’s drying at the same time. And I always have Q-tips in my bag because they’re very useful. Let’s say you’re at a party and you go into the bathroom and your make-up is all over the place-you don’t know how it got there. Q-tips are great for those kinds of unexpected make-up disasters. And they also come in very handy when you’re applying concealer and it’s cakey.

• I never leave home without Q-tips – they’re a great fix for any make-up emergency.

On eyebrows

• Fortunately I have wellshaped brows that are easy to follow. When I realized what a difference it makes, I started plucking all of my friends’ eyebrows. I was like, ‘You need to pluck your eyebrows, and you need to pluck your eyebrows’.

On skin care

• I use the Shiseido Benefiance anti-aging range. I think prevention is always better than cure.

• Always wash your face before you go to bed and moisturise, moisturise, moisturise, in the morning. My mom taught me that and she has the most amazing skin, so I trust her.

• According to my dermatologist, my skin reacts best if I change products and don’t use the same stuff all the time.

• I think Vaseline Intensive Care is great for the body.

• It’s hard not to feel pressure in this industry and I already use anti-aging products on my skin.

On hair care

• I always take my own shampoo and conditioner when I’m traveling – there’s nothing worse than using hotel hair products. I’m using Kerastase (Resistance range) at the moment to put some life back into my hair because I’m just gone very blonde, so it needs extra care.

• I was so upset when I had to go dark. I really like having light hair, but it’s easier to hide with darker hair. People in the street look at you more if you’re blonde.

• Recently I’ve been doing different stuff with my hair. It was natural for so long. When I was filming Ghost World and The Man Who Wasn’t There, my hair was always the same color. Then for another movie, The Perfect Score, I dyed it very dark purple. I’ve been coloring it ever since.

On scents

• I used to wear a lot of oils and liked the sweet ones, especially vanilla – I smelt like a cookie! My mom wears Thierry Mugler Angel, which is very sweet. It always reminds me of her.

• I like to smell my own perfume on men! I like men to smell clean – that’s very important.

• You can wear Calvin Klein’s Eternity Moment every day – it’s romantic and floral, but it’s also a bold statement because it’s so womanly.

On plastic surgery

• I definitely believe in plastic surgery, I don’t want to be an old hag. There’s no fun in that.