There’s no doubt that beauty brands are lining up for the chance to sign Scarlett Johansson as a brand ambassador. But now, the award-winning actress is all about The Outset, her new skin-care brand.

“For a long time, I was a brand ambassador for different luxury beauty brands and beauty brands. And right around I’d say my late 20s, I was just done representing someone else’s beauty, ideal or beauty standard, and felt like I was confident enough to do something that really was true to me,” she said on this week’s episode of the Glossy Beauty Podcast.

Five years in the making, The Outset was unveiled March 1 with six products. Johansson teamed up with fashion and beauty executive Kate Foster Lengyel to found the brand, which is available via DTC sales now and will launch with Sephora on April 26.

Lengyel oversees the day-to-day business operations of the brand, “and then I look after Kate,” said Johansson.

The marketing strategy is focused on Instagram and TikTok, but through the brand’s accounts, specifically — Johansson famously steers clear of having a personal Instagram account.

“My ego is far too fragile for me to have my own social media,” she said. While she said “never say never,” when it comes to starting her own account, she added, “I cannot imagine it happening anytime soon.”

On the podcast, the business partners went into more detail on the brand’s founding, including how it was inspired by Johansson’s straightforward approach to skin care, as well as consumer research.

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