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February 01, 2008  3 comments News & Rumors

Scarlett, alongside Natalie Portman and Josh Brolin, is reportedly among the celebrities who have lobbied for the removal of the Heath Ledger drug video from television distribution. Good job, Scarlett! I am really proud of her for doing this.

Three of the world’s biggest young movie stars have been revealed as being leaders in the push by Hollywood to have the Heath Ledger drug video pulled from broadcast by two top American TV shows.

The Entertainment Tonight and The Insider programs’ decision to show the video yesterday caused a furore in Hollywood, a community in grieving over 28-year-old Heath Ledger’s still unexplained death on January 22.

It has now emerged that the programs – after first broadcasting the tape in New York and on the US east coast – soon learned of growing anger in Hollywood, in particular among many movie stars of the same generation as Heath Ledger.

While the stars are saying they did not threaten to boycott the popular gossip entertainment shows, Hollywood insiders say Entertainment Tonight and The Insider feared this was a real possibility – and that view had been expressed to them by some.

Three stars named today as having lobbied – but not threatened to boycott the shows – are Scarlett Johansson, Josh Brolin and Natalie Portman.

The two celebrity gossip programs – which obtained the tape exclusively for an estimated $US200,000 – first broadcast the controversial video in New York and the east coast of America yesterday.

But they then pulled the tape from their scheduled broadcasts on the US west coast and Hollywood area.

Source: The Daily Telegraph

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