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Welcome to Scarlett Johansson Fan, your online resource dedicated to the two time Oscar Nominated actress Scarlett Johansson. You may know Scarlett from her Oscar nominated roles in "JoJo Rabbit", "Marriage Story" and her 10 years as Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow in the "Marvel Cinematic Universe" and her own movie coming out in May "Black Widow". It is our aim to bring you all the latest news, photos, information and much more on Scarlett's career. We hope you enjoy your stay!
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Scarlett Johansson as Sondra Pransky
Directed by Woody Allen
Written by Woody Allen
Release Date July 28, 2006
Genre Comedy
MPAA Rating PG-13

The perfect man. The perfect story. The perfect murder.
Described as “a light comedy about sex, love, suspense and murder,” Scoop follows an American student journalist, Sondra Pransky (Scarlett Johansson), who is visiting friends in London and who just happens upon the scoop of a lifetime through a very obscure incident. Along the investigative trail, she finds magic, murder, mystery – and perhaps love, with an English aristocrat (Hugh Jackman), whom might actually be a serial killer. Woody Allen plays Scarlett’s sidekick and mentor Sid Waterman.

Scarlett Johansson’s Role

Scarlett Johansson’s character, Sondra Pransky, comes across a lead for a very important story that could make her the superstar of journalism. She starts investigating the scoop and meets the assumed suspect… Who turns out to be quite a charming aristocrat. The character of Sondra is very much unlike any of the roles that Scarlett has played before. After all, this is her first comedic role, which is quite a stretch from her previous gigs. Scarlett’s timing is spot on and her nervous manners are fun to observe!

Other Cast

… Woody Allen
… Hugh Jackman
… Ian McShane
… Romola Garai

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Trivia & Facts

• Filming began on June 27, 2005. It was filmed on location in London, England with estimated budjet of $4,000,000.

• Woody Allen specifically wrote the script for Scarlett after working with her on Match Point.

• The lead character (originally an adult journalist) was tailored specifically to Johansson, whom Allen observed as having an unused “funny” quality about her while working on the previous film Match Point.

Scoop is one of three 2006 films to feature both the topic of magic and magicians as main characters. The other two are The Illusionist and The Prestige, the second of which also stars Hugh Jackman and Scarlett Johansson.

Quotes: Scarlett Johansson

• “Judy Holliday in Born Yesterday, in that she’s kind of a thinking, lovable idiot. It was fun to play her with all the weird mannerisms and stuff like that. I think it’s funny. As promiscuous and ditzy as she is, there’s a kind of strength in her ability to use her wiles to get a scoop.”
(on her character)

• “I mean, it’s different working with Woody as an actor, because I get to spend more time with him. Which is great. It’s a little bit different doing a comedy with him, because he’s a comic master and that’s his gift. He knows… he’s very definite about timing: ‘We have to make this scene move faster, because it’s fitting right in after this one. Don’t give me the punchline before I get in the phrase.’ It’s just a little more mechanical, but it wasn’t a totally different experience. I was working more, so I had more direction from Woody, but most of that was just ‘pass the jam’ sort of thing.”
(on filming a comedy with Allen)

Director Woody Allen
“I had a great time shooting Scoop. I was over my head acting with Hugh Jackman and Ian McShane, who are both amazing, and of course Scarlett Johansson, who I knew was sexier than me and smarter but she also turned out to be faster and funnier.”

Director Woody Allen on Scarlett
“She leaves me for dead. I mean, she’s one of those people that always – offstage or on – always tops me. No matter how good a line I come up with – when we’re putting each other down, teasing each other, whatever – she always nails me last, and best. Of course, that, to me, earns a lot of respect. Because I always think that I’m quick and witty, and so when someone outguns me consistently, I’m just amazed by it. But it’s true – and everyone on the set will tell you that.”

Director Woody Allen on Scarlett
“She’s a total joy. It’s like I hit the lottery or something. She simply has everything. She just lucked out in life; she’s beautiful, sexy, very bright, funny, nice, quick-minded, easy to work with. She’s got range; dramatically powerful, and funny when you need her to be funny. There are certain people I’ve worked with over the years – Diane Keaton was one – who were just hit with the talent stick and had it all. And Scarlett has got it all. She lights up the set when she comes on; the crew loves her. She’s full of energy, and infuses the whole set with positive feeling all the time. It’s a treat to work with her, and I’m not just saying this as her costar; everyone in the company looked forward to working with her on the second picture after the first picture’s experience.”

Co-star Ian McShane on Scarlett
“I think Scarlett’s a very smart girl. I got to know her. We became quite good friends, her and my wife. Because she comes from a large family, she came from New York, she’s got a twin brother, she’s very down to earth. She hasn’t tried to go out, you know, ‘My name above the title’ in some crappy films. She’s been very smart about the projects she’s chosen, working with other people, and keeping a low profile – and she’s gorgeous, too. I mean, that doesn’t hurt. She’s gorgeous and smart.”

Quotes: Her Character

• “Last night, when you put me inside that Chinese box, a spirit materialized!”

• “‘Jack the Ripper’… Is that capitalized?”

• “I’m a journalist sitting on top of the biggest stories of all times!”

• “You want him to be guilty! That way you’ll get your last big scoop!”

• “You are a cynical crapehanger who always see the glass half-empty!”

• “What are you going to tell the police? “The guy owns a deck of tarot cards…” that’s not a crime!”

• “I’m a would-be investigative reporter who has fallen in love with the object of her investigation.”

• “If we put our heads together, it would make a hollow sound.”

• “What are you putting in your metamucil?”

• “Stop telling people I sprang from your loins!”

• “No, I’m too tough to cry. My nasal passages do get congested when I’m sad, though.”

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