19 years ago this month this site was born thanks to the amazing Maria who put in all the hard work to start this all. Over the years this site has seen a lot of people come and go each adding there own feel to the site Camilla, Jess, Riikka, Lisa, Holly, Mel & Aniek thank you all for your hard work as well. I took over as co-web in 2014 and then later that year as the full owner of the site back when we were scarlett-fan.com and later after I lost the name with our old host going down to s-johansson.org. It’s been a absolute pleasure running this site and being with Scarlett for all her up’s and down’s over the years and I hope we are here for 19 more years.

You may have seen that I have not been doing a lot of main site updates and it’s true I have not been posting new ones but I have been working hard on the updates in the past. As I said we lost the old URL back years ago and with it all the old post’s when down with dead links so over the last month I have been going over them all and putting new URL’s in and just updating them so people can see them again, As of right now I am up to 2013. On top of this I fixed the links in the menu to be working again and will be redoing all the old info in there over the coming weeks as well when I am done with the past updates.

I would like to say thanks to Cherry Gem Design for doing this just beautiful look on both the main site and the gallery using Scarlett’s 2020 Entertainment Weekly Black Widow shoot.

And last I would like to say a BIG thank you to all of you who have been with this site be it from day 1 or just found us yesterday, You all make it so I can keep doing this site and I love you all for that.

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