After the screening of Scarlett’s new movie Marriage Story at The 76th Venice Film Festival reviews for started to come in from the critics and 23 of them have added it to Rotten Tomatoes and at this time its at 100% and amazing turn out for all involved with this movie and for Scarlett who’s name is now being talk about for maybe a Oscar nomination for it.

A marriage can’t be defined by a single emotion. It’s an all-consuming force that can lead to euphoric rushes and eat away at your insides, sometimes within moments of each other. Marriage Story perfectly encapsulates these feelings.
– As he did with the underrated While We’re Young, Baumbach is turning his signature comedies of urban dissatisfaction into something more universal. He has earned these scars.
– A powerful reminder that every breakup story looks familiar until it happens to you, and then the truth hurts.
– The writing is suitably dense and literate, though Baumbach really cherishes the characters as individuals – it never feels as if Nicole and Charlie are avatars for his own poetic musings on the differences between love and fidelity.
– It has fine performances by Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver, a family-pack of box-fresh dialogue and a keen sense of its own absurdity.

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