As I said in my last post Scarlett’s most recent marvel movie Ghost In The Shell was released on Blu-Ray/DVD last week in the Uk, And after working on them all week I have at last added 1080p Blu-ray quality screen captures of Scarlett as Mira/Motoko or the Major. I got to see this in the theater and it was just visually stunning to see in 3D and still holds up at home but 3D or 4K is the way to go on this one. Scarlett dose delivers a solid performance as the Major with just the right amount of distance and intrigue to work and makes it her own just a shame the movie did not do that well, with the unfair press it was getting for casting Scarlett and in the end that is what killed it still any Scarltt fan should give it ago. Over 1400+ Screen Captures are now up in the gallery to view and more Blu-ray caps from some of Scarlett’s older movies are coming very soon.

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