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Posted by Abby on February 6th, 2016

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Posted by Abby on January 13th, 2016

First of a very happy new year to you all on here, I known there have not been a lot of updates as of late Scarlett is not doing a lot right now but it will pick in the next month or so. Scarlett first photoshoot of 2016 just come out for Flaunt Magazine and she looks gorgeous in them and there is a small article as well that you can read below

“You have to want this. I can’t want this for you.”*

Scarlett Johansson is curled comfortably on a stiff slate couch while she narrates to me the details of a popular YouTube video. “It’s two minutes-old twins and they’re being washed for the first time in warm water,” she says, “they’re in the position they were in in-utero and the warm water recreates the womb for them.” She tells me that the video is amazing, her face has a slight glow as she talks about it. “If you really want to see something miraculous,” she says, “It’s so beautiful.” I vow to watch it when I return home—I’d like to get a better understanding for what it must be like to have another human be a direct copy, a DNA complement to yourself. Having a twin sibling, like Johansson does, is a mystery to those who are unmatched.

“My brother and I started life this way,” she says. “In that sense, I’ve never really been alone—ever—which is interesting and probably affects my whole life. We’re extremely close. You have a witness to your life in my many ways. Even if we’re far apart, we have this deep connection with one another.”

There is “something disarming about”*.1 the fact that Scarlett Johansson, the 31-year-old New York City-bred actress with the iconic drowsy voice and over 20-year career on screen, has a human copy out there in the world. Johansson is one of the most recognizable and inimitable actresses in Hollywood because of her performances in movies like Lost in Translation (2003), Lucy (2014), Under the Skin (2013), and as a listless teen in Ghost World (2001), but even if you couldn’t see her face, you’d know she was in the room. Within one minute of meeting the actress, she said that I looked really familiar to her. Releasing an awkward laugh, I politely replied no, there was very little chance we’d met before. I like to think I’d remember meeting Scarlett Johansson. There are so few people like her.

Credit: Flaunt
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Posted by Abby on December 20th, 2015

Overwhelmed by the number of (RED) products being shipping for the holiday season, a flustered Scarlett quickly loses control as Fred struggles to don his regulation uniform… products go flying and chaos ensues!


Other Projects > Charity Projects > (RED) > (RED) Shopathon Holiday Distribution Center

Posted by Abby on December 4th, 2015

EW got to sit down with Scarlett and talk about Captain America: Civil War and give us the first still from the movie as well, I will add the Hq version when I can.

Black Widow never has it easy.

Robert Downey Jr. on the politics of Iron Man in ‘Civil War’
‘Captain America: Civil War’: Chris Evans on Cap’s fight for Winter Soldier
Black Panther: Marvel’s history-making hero arrives onscreen
Onscreen, Natasha Romanov has an agonizing backstory and is working like hell to do enough good to erase the red from her moral ledger, redeeming a history of bad deeds that we are only allowed to imagine with acts of heroism that defy belief.

Offscreen, much of what Scarlett Johansson’s character does is scrutinized through the lens of gender politics. As one of the few female protagonists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (until recently), some view her not just as an individual character but as a representative for all womankind. That’s heavy lifting even for a superhero.

Amid accusations that her story arc in Avengers: Age of Ultron was stereotyped and offensive — because, like Tony Stark, she expressed a desire to step back from saving the world (and maybe find someone in it to love, and love her back) — Black Widow became a lightning rod.

Some accused writer-director Joss Whedon of sexism for a storyline that involved Widow developing romantic feelings for Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner in the comic-book version of the Beauty and the Beast folktale. Others were outraged that Widow expressed regret over the juvenile assassin program that forced her to be sterilized. Still others took offense at that complaint, saying the desire to have a family doesn’t mean a woman can’t have a career (beating the hell out of evildoers, or otherwise).

NPR’s pop culture critic Linda Holmes astutely noted that even if you swapped out Widow’s story in Ultron with the arcs of any of her male co-Avengers, each would still “raise questions of whether the story was influenced by gender stereotypes.” If she was Iron Man, she’d be the problem-causer. If she was Captain America, she’d be the uptight one. If she was Hulk, she’d have out-of-control emotions. And so on …

Add to that the scarcity of Black Widow toys, which caused universal uproar, even from Ruffalo, who tweeted about the need for Marvel merchandising to do a better job of inviting young girls to play in this universe, and Natasha Romanov starts to emerge not just as a warrior but a battlefield.

Which brings us to Captain America: Civil War. Where does Natasha’s fifth appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe find her?

This time, she’s on the side of order, aligning — at least for a while — with Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man in trying to get Captain America to honor the global Sokovia Accords that force “enhanced individuals” to operate under government control.

In one scene EW watched being filmed this summer, she and Tony Stark have a quiet moment after being given an ultimatum to bring down the rogue Cap — or else the U.S. government will do it in permanent fashion.

Stark rubs at the center of his chest, where his ARC reactor was once embedded. “You know the problem with a fully functional heart…? It’s stressful,” he tells Natasha.

She’s all business: “We are painfully understaffed.”

“It’d be pretty awesome if we had a Hulk,” he tells her.

But they don’t. And Widow, still harboring feelings for Bruce Banner, who was last seen venturing off into self-imposed isolation in the Avengers’ Quinjet — knows that better than anyone.

During a break in filming, we caught up with Johansson, and asked what she thinks of the tug-of-war over her character.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Where is Natasha’s head these days? In what state do we find her after the events of Age of Ultron?
SCARLET JOHANSSON: My gosh, this is like a therapy session! When we last saw her I think the stakes were astronomical. And she basically had to make this choice between [duty] and what she probably deserves. I think up until this point, she has put the hours in and is ready for…

To be, or not to be, an Avenger?
[Laughs] You know, I don’t think she’s ever aspired to become an Avenger. That’s not really a choice that she made. It’s kind of like the events in her life led her to that point and when we see her [in Civil War], she’s finally capable of making a choice for herself. Which is kind of a milestone in someone’s life when they’ve not really participated in the decisions that were made for them. She’s finally at a place where she’s going, “Okay, I actually kind of know what I want. And I think I kind of deserve it.”

But she’s still in the fight. So is that what she wants?
Unfortunately the events that took place … she has this kind of greater calling and this huge pull towards doing what’s right for the greater good. And she chooses that, and it’s a really heroic thing that she does, I think.

Credit: EW
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Posted by Abby on November 25th, 2015

At long last it’s here The first trailer for the Russo Brothers new movie Captain America: Civil War is now out. Scarlett will be playing Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow again and will co-star with Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr, Anthony Mackie, Jeremy Renner and Sebastian Stan. The Movie is set for release on February 5th, 2016.

Captain America: Civil War picks up where Avengers: Age of Ultron left off, as Steve Rogers leads the new team of Avengers in their continued efforts to safeguard humanity. After another international incident involving the Avengers results in collateral damage, political pressure mounts to install a system of accountability and a governing body to determine when to enlist the services of the team. The new status quo fractures the Avengers while they try to protect the world from a new and nefarious villain.

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Posted by Abby on October 25th, 2015

The first still from Scarlett’s upcoming movie Hail, Caesar! has just come out. Hope we will get more updates from this movie very soon.

– – Movie Productions > Hail, Cesar! > Movie Stills

Posted by Abby on October 25th, 2015

The first trailer for the Coen Brothers new movie Hail, Caesar! is now out. Scarlett will be playing DeeAnna Moran in the movie and will co-star with George Clooney, Channing Tatum, and Jonah Hill. The Movie is set for release on February 5th, 2016.

In 1950s Hollywood, Eddie Mannix is Capital Pictures’ head of physical production and, most importantly, the studio fixer. His job is to maintain the clean reputation of the company and its stars, keeping them free from controversy. Mannix is advised that studio star Baird Whitlock has disappeared after not showning up for work on the current production of “Hail Caesar, a Tale of Christ’s Life.” He initially believes Whitlock has been drinking, but receives a call from a group of communists who claim to have kidnapped him and want a ransom. As Mannix gathers the cash, he simultaneously deals with an unhappy director who is working on another project, while innocent young starlet DeeAnna Moran is pregnant and unmarried. Mannix must handle all of this while keeping the gossip columnists off the scent. When Mannix is approached by an aviation company with an offer of a less-hectic, and rather lucrative, job, he must ultimately determine his true skills and passions.

– Movie Productions > Hail, Cesar! > Theatrical Trailer

Posted by Abby on October 25th, 2015

At long last the full set of Scarlett’s Parade photoshoot photos are out and been added into the gallery for you all. Enjoy!

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Posted by Abby on October 25th, 2015

On September 24th, 2015 Scarlett was at the ‘He Named Me Malala’ premiere a documentary based on, Malala Yousafzai that took place in New York. The photo have been in the gallery for all this time but I never did the main site update so a mic of over 70 HQ & MQ photos are up there.

– Public Appearances > Events In 2015 > ‘He Named Me Malala’ Premiere

Posted by Abby on September 20th, 2015

Scarlett’s most recent movie Avengers Age Of Ultron was released on Blu-Ray/DVD this week in the Uk and at last got my copy. Scarlett stars as Natasha Romanov / Black Widow for the fourth time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I can not say how much I was jumping up and down before I saw this movie but after not so much, most things did not work for it and to me and I known a lot of people what they did with Nat in this film was just crap and so against her character still hope things get better with the next Cap movie. I have updated the gallery with over 800+ 1080p Blu-Ray screen captures from the main movie and the four bonus features From The Inside Out: Making Of Avengers Age Of Ultron, Gag Reel, Deleted Scene: Talking To James Rhodes and Deleted Scene: Talking To Bruce Banner.

– Movie Productions > Avengers Age Of Ultron > Blu-Ray Screen Captures: Movie
– Movie Productions > Avengers Age Of Ultron > Blu-Ray Screen Captures: Bouns Features – From The Inside Out: Making Of Avengers Age Of Ultron
– Movie Productions > Avengers Age Of Ultron > Blu-Ray Screen Captures: Bouns Features – Gag Reel
– Movie Productions > Avengers Age Of Ultron > Blu-Ray Screen Captures: Bouns Features – Deleted Scene: Talking To James Rhodes
– Movie Productions > Avengers Age Of Ultron > Blu-Ray Screen Captures: Bouns Features – Deleted Scene: Talking To Bruce Banner

Posted by Abby on September 13th, 2015

As we said the post below Scarlett was a guest on the new show The Late Show with Stephen Colbert were she came in from Paris just to be there. She did not do much on the show at all but did take part in the new part of the show called Big Questions With Even Bigger Stars and when asked what she want’s to happen to her body with she is gone, she said to drop it in Hudson River. HQ screen captures are now up in the gallery for you all to see and you can watch the interview below.

And a note that The Avengers AOU is out tomorrow in the UK, I will be getting my copy tomorrow so Blu-Ray caps will be up tomorrow night or the next day for you all (Uk time)

– TV Shows & Interviews > Talk Shows > Late Show With Stephen Colbert > September 09th, 2015 (captures)

Posted by Abby on September 13th, 2015

Scarlett made an appearance on the second show of new host Stephen Colbert show The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on September 09th in New York. I’ve added over 150 HQ photos of her arrival to the taping into gallery.

– Public Appearances > Events In 2015 > At The “Late Show With Stephen Colbert” Taping

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Even as journalists and fans repeatedly asked Johansson when Black Widow would be going solo, the actress was privately unsure whether that was something she even wanted. “I was like, I think I’m good,” Johansson admits. “If we [were] going to do this, it had to be creatively fulfilling. I’ve been working for such a long time, and I have to feel like I’m challenged. I don’t want to do the same thing that I’d already done before.”
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