Frist I’m so sorry these took so long to be added and for me to do the main site update I was away when she was at the event and only got some time this week to get on my computer to add the photos and now I have time to sit down and do the main site update. On November 18th Scarlett made her first in person appearance of the year since February 09th 2020 for the show 35th Annual American Cinematheque Awards that was Honoring her for all the contribution to movies she has done in the last 20+ years. Scarlett was joined by her husband Colin, twin brother Hunter and close friends from the movies she has worked on Jon Favreau, Andy Richter, Thomasin McKenzie, Mark Badagliacca, Abbie Cornish, Kevin Feige who revealed that Scarlett is working with Marvel on a top secret project for them but said it’s not to do with Black Widow, And the award was presented to her by Jeremy Renner.

Scarlett was in a Versace custom sute, Rania pumps, and jewellery by Versace (thanks to Scarlett Johansson Closet for the info)

the full set of over 700+ HQ photos from the night are up in the gallery, enjoy!

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