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First Look At Scarlett In “Avengers: Infinity War” SDCC Poster

After all the press for Rough Night Scarlett has been keeping a low profile the last couple of week’s so there has not been a lot to update on in that time, But two weeks ago was the big event that is San Diego Comic-Con 2017 and although Marvel did hold a panel on Infinity war none of the main cast were there for it. But we did get are first look at what Scarlett would look like this time round and she is now blonde guess she took the running for the government to heart, on top of that the fans at SDCC got to see a little trailer for the movie but Scarlett only has one very little part in it (you can watch it online if you look about).

On other news Ghost In The Shell is out on Blu-Ray in the UK on Monday and my copy is on its way so keep looking back next week for full 1080p Blu-ray caps from both the movie and any bonus features that will be on there.

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Written by Abby