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Dec 2016
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As I said in one of my earlier post Scarlett, Chris and some other’s were on a USO Holiday Visit at the Incirlik Air Base in in Turkey yesterday (December 05th). while they were there the pair had a look about the base and sat in a helicopter, Chris played some basketball with Scarlett looking on, had a Q&A talk and last but not least got to hang out with all the men and woman serving there and take some photos with them. Photos from the event are now up in the gallery with more to come.

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  • Scarlett Fan
    Posted on December 07, 2016

    I’m just so shocked at how stunning Scarlett Johansson looks in these images. And the efforts she does to visit the troops is so remarkable! A true Iconic Superstar for now and decades and generations to come! And this site, is a dream!

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